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About Trading Currencies

The worldwide market for the exchange of all currencies is known as the Foreign Exchange Market or for short it is referred to as the Forex, FX, or just currency market.

It is a diverse and decentralized financial market for the exchanging of currencies. Monetary centers around the world function as makers for the exchange of currencies between a broad assortment of various buyers and sellers on a 24 hour basis except on the weekends. This broad and open exchange establishes the relative values of all open market currencies. Some trading examples are GDP to USD where the British pound is traded for US Dollar. The principal objective in this money change of the foreign exchange market is to support global trade and investment in that it provides a means for businesses to change one currency to another in the process of money conversion.

Trading Times

Forex Trading Never Closes During the Week

Unlike other trading markets it is continuous. Trading starts on Monday morning in the East and closes on Friday evening in the United States, this means that currency trading can go on for 24 hours each day from Monday thru Friday. The Forex trading markets are the largest in the world where trading volume nears or exceeds 3 trillion US Dollars on a daily basis.

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Introduction to Currency Trading

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